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4 of a Kind poker hand

A 4 of a Kind is one step down from a Straight Flush and one up from a Full House.
Cards to make a 4 of a Kind: 7, 7, 7, 7 (4 same value cards.) If more than 1 person makes 4 of a Kind then it's the highest value 4 of a Kind that wins.

In the instance that more than 1 player has the same four of a kind such as in Texas Hold'em when there could be 4 community or flop cards that make up the 4 of a kind, in this instance it is the player that has the highest kicker that wins the hand (the kicker is just the player highest ranking single card).

Four of a Kind is also known as Quads.

The odds of making a 4 of a Kind are 4164 : 1

Video of a 4 of a Kind poker hand

The following is a video of 4 of a Kind 5's beating a Full House.



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