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2 Pair poker hand

A 2 Pair is one step down from a 3 of a Kind and one up from a Pair.
Cards to make a 2 Pair: 4, 4, K, K, 8 (2 seperate pairs and one extra card).

If more than 1 player has 2 pair then the highest value 2 pair wins. If both players have the same 2 pairs then it will be the player who has the highest valued Kicker that wins the hand.

Player 1: K, K, 4, 4, 9
Player 2: K, K, 5, 5, 3

Player 2 wins as their second pair is higher value than player 1's because the highest pair each player has (pair of Kings) are the same.

Player 1: Q, Q, 3, 3, K
Player 2: Q, Q, 3, 3, 9

Player 1 wins as in this case the highest Kicker comes into play as both players have the same 2 pair and player 1's King beats players 2's 9.

The odds of making a 2 Pair are 20 : 1

Video of a 2 Pair while playing poker

Video of a poker game where 2 Pair was the winning hand is yet to be added




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